The Journal

June 14th, 2017 - Entry 1349

I have gone towards the right side of my work. The game. It might mean nothing. It might just be ridiculouse. I had a vision once that I could be able to see what all of life represents. With so, comes one of the biggest stories. I call these time "The beginning" to really represent my first visions. Honestly, I wouldn't tell them what 'really' is up in my mind. Its not voices, its just myself...well...'it'self. I know its actually "me" just thinking of a different person of myself...but I think of not. That's when I Know that it has only just been my which is it. Anyway...point being...

I feel that the breaking of the Rift has only worsened, rather than aiding the chance to come closer since my...

...Yeah. I just found out that...well...its as if this seperation has only been demolishing the Rift. I will do as I can for her...

Ofcource...I think I know what to do now. As long as time will be in my side...for once.

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