The HEX-S.TEX 981 is a brand new wonder weapon introduced in the zombies map Destinction. Players are able to find the weapon by purchasing it from The Mystery Box. It cost 950 points when purchasing from The Mystery Box, and cost 5000 points when Upgrading the weapon from the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

Origin Edit

The Wonder Weapons origin came from the idea of Dylan Tann. Dylan has introduced ideas reguarding new wonder weapons to use in future zombies maps, as we took the idea for surprise. The weapon itself is not yet complete, however we will share some idea's with Tann's drawrings, as Tann himself can change anything he'd like about his very creative picture, introducing the HEX-S.TEX 981. We hope for this idea to be successfull in one of the most biggest custom zombies map to come for.

Other than storyline, the weapon itself has not been much known. So far, the weapon has been found in the blueprint files of Group 029.

System Edit

The Wonder Weapon has been worked on reguarding 3D structure and Sound Effects for the weapons blast. Codes introducing the weapon is often familiar withen the file codes of the Scattered Realms Project:

HEX-S.TEX 981 {HEX_S_TEX_File}={SR:Z_ZM}--FD12//:934127
{SF_&621731yenaf}[sr:Z_ZM]SF Mode2cdf [codzm]